Where Our Donations Land

Are you an educator for a Title One School in need of resources? Please contact us at help@projectpeaceprogram.org

Traylor Academy hosted a “Big Book Giveaway!”


Students at Mulholm Elementary in Jefferson County were delighted to choose five books each to call their own for Summer Reading!  Thank you to Jim White and generous neighbors paying books forward to this deserving school!


We are very grateful to the Student Council at Coyote Creek Elementary School in Douglas County!  Miss Sophia does an amazing job articulating how they collected over 1,000 books to pay forward! Click here to watch: sophia

Here is a perfect example of where donations are landing! Here is the best representation of where books land that are donated! Deserving schools and dedicated educators that invite students to come and choose books to call their own!


Do you have items to donate to these schools?

Project PEACE is dedicated to building communities in the home, at school with diverse needs and populations, and outside of the school community as well!
We love to pay items forward that no longer bring you or your child joy! Here is a list of items we collect year round:

Stuffed Animals – We pay these forward in our Safety Soothing Sacks for Special Needs


Our Safety Soothing Sacks for Special Needs Campaign has been launched with a great response! Generous neighbors from the Highlands Ranch area have donated stuffed animals, St. Nick’s Ministries has donated stress balls, and Matt Murray’s environmentally-conscientious company, Stardust Sustainables, has generously donated 200 compostable bags to get us started! We are all working to help kids who are triggered by alarms and loud noises, to be able to reach for their own Safety Soothing Sack to grab whatever helps them soothe themselves enough to focus on the adult that needs to keep them safe! To this day we have provided over 700 Safety Soothing Sacks to over 15 districts throughout our state!

Lovely Children in Brighton Their Own Safety Soothing Sacks!

Books for all Ages – Below are dedicated educators working hard  to get books into the hands of their students to infuse a love of reading and learning.  Having books to take home for the summer is a top priority!

Toys and Puzzles – Any toys that are still in good working condition can be enjoyed by children in struggling neighborhoods and also for After-School Programs.

Travel Soaps and Shampoos – We pay these forward to students who are currently homeless and to the homeless in our community.
Clothing and Shoes – We pay these forward to schools with homeless students and high poverty demographics so students who come to school in need or proper clothing can choose from a variety of items.  Thank you to Discover Community Church for collecting these items to be paid forward to districts with homeless students!

Travel Hygiene Products help so many struggling families that are homeless or in shelters.

Neighbors are now remembering to pay these travel soaps and shampoos forward for us to get them where they are needed.

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