PEACEful Healing Project Benefiting STEM Community

Here are some generous donations we have earned so far from our fundraising efforts:

The Whiskey Biscuit – May 25th – 600.00 for the Educator Self-Care Fund for the STEM Educators

Thank you to Super Target in Highlands Ranch – 8 (125.00) Gift Cards to be used for resources for “Safe Places” in the STEM School!

Sports Lounge Off Broadway Poker Event on June 8th – 1,000.00 to go towards a memorial for Kendrick Castillo when his family is ready to choose one.

Wonderful Day of Community and Healing Coming This Week!

Looking forward to a special day of community and healing on June 26th at the University of Denver Golf Club in Highlands Ranch

5/22/19 – We are grateful to many local businesses who have not hesitated to step up and offer their venues to support our PEACEful Healing Project to Support our STEM Community in a meaningful, intentional, and sustainable way! Each venue is selecting exactly where they would like their donations to land so they can take ownership of a part of the healing – and they can check on this each year to reevaluate how it is going and if further resources are needed. Here are some of the local businesses we encourage you to support because of how wonderful they are to support our community:

The Whiskey Biscuit, Highlands Ranch Golf Club, Sports Lounge Off Broadway, CB&Potts, Outback Steakhouse, Wells Fargo Bank, Parry’s Pizza, Raising Cane’s, Purgatory Winery, and more to come!

5/8/2019 – Thank you for your donations! Thank you so much to those who have donated to help the STEM families heal! We will be working closely with the school and community to listen to what the students and staff need to feel safe again in their school. We will provide Safety Soothing Sacks for all the elementary students, and we are working with other local businesses to obtain art supplies for those who feel better by drawing or creating, iPods for those who need to listen to music, and any other resources that are needed. Project PEACE has been working towards these kinds of items for all schools to have a “Safe Place” to be – and to have the students have a voice about what that looks like – a Buddy Bench at Recess for kids to find someone to play with – a picnic bench for those who need someone to eat lunch with – this is very much a part of our vision. It is personally devastating to relive everything I saw yesterday that I’m used to seeing on the national news…but I guess there is no more authentic way to spread the love from our non-profit than to do it in our own backyard. We will be documenting where these donations go because it really does matter!

Today, our very own community endured the trauma of two active shooters entering the Highlands Ranch STEM School killing one student and injuring seven others. Students, educators, families, and first responders will all be processing this devastating event for many years to come. We are working with local restaurants and businesses to help support these people as we now work to help each other heal. Here is a flyer we distributed today:

Please Help Our Local Non-Profit to Help Highlands Ranch STEM!

Project PEACE Program is five minutes away from the Highlands Ranch STEM School and we need your help!

  • Proceeds from a fundraising event
  • Gift Cards for the eight families of injured students
  • Items that can help students heal from local stores to add to our Safety Soothing Sacks
  • Meals for impacted families, educators, and first responders

We are a 501c3 and can provide a tax receipt for any donations.  We would like to elevate you on our social media platforms and our webpage.  Community helping community is what we are all about!

Suzanne Wolf – Executive Director of Project PEACE Program

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