One Hope Wine Fundraising Events!

Click below in the following link to purchase One Hope Wine – a charitable wine organization in Napa that is committed to supporting non-profits like Project PEACE Program! There are three possible links to choose from depending on where you would like your proceeds to be distributed. This is how you can help –

For 20.00 you can become a Grapeful Club Member for one year from your signup date. This will give you discounts on shipping and your wine purchases. We would appreciate you ordering a 6 Pack or 12 Pack (case) of wine. The price per bottle averages between 20.00-30.00 (depending on the wine you select) and you can mix and match the types of wine you purchase. Half of your proceeds will go to the designated funding sources below. You can always go in with friends to purchase a 6 Pack or Case if your budget is tight!

Title-One School Resources

This link will have proceeds delegated to providing resources to struggling schools and communities that do not have enough current materials for their deserving students. Funding will be used for backpacks and school supplies, new books for classroom libraries, technology resources.

Special Needs Resources

This link will have proceeds delegated to providing resources for students with Special Needs. These resources include sensory gadgets, Safety Soothing Sacks, noise-cancelling headphones, low-sensory technology or technology appropriate for a variety of needs, books, activities, and games that empower students with Special Needs.

First Responder Self-Care Fund –

This link will have proceeds delegated to our first responders with South Metro Fire, Douglas County Sheriff, and Surrounding Support Staff to have opportunities to take a break from their stressful (and oftentimes traumatic) duties that involve keeping the community safe. We will be partnering with local businesses to have outings such as an evening of comedy, bowling, movies, painting, etc. We need our first responders to take care of themselves so they can effectively keep us safe!

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