Community Partners

Partnering with Holly Nemmers and Teresa Coles in the Special Events Marketing Department has created amazing opportunities for students and families to have a Low-Sensory Event coming soon! We just received a Landing Page from Elitches thanks to Holly and all of her dedication. Click on that page to receive discounts and to have benefits go to our efforts to heal the STEM and Highlands Ranch Community!

We are extremely excited to work with Brandon Dorfman to provide greater equity of resources for digital literacy for all children throughout the world. Working with Brandon and Jamal, we will be meeting with Title One Schools throughout the state to introduce a variety of free resources and trainings that educators can access to empower struggling readers and students with special needs to learn in the way that accommodates their needs!

Very honored and excited to have Kaz Aylott and One Hope Wines to help us further our mission with their quality products! Here is the link to purchase quality wines from Napa and supporting our cause:

Driven to Donate

Our Partners at the Driven to Donate Program, Jessica Yadon and Stephanie Landree, are working very hard to support our mission by collecting vehicles that are donated and contributing 80%of the proceeds to Project PEACE!
http://Step Denver Driven to Donate

Partnering with Matt Murray and Stardust Sustainables has enabled us to deliver over 800 Safety Soothing Sacks for Special Needs!  Cherry Creek School District received 120 Safety Soothing Sacks to distribute throughout their district! We have also been able to distribute over 800 Safety Soothing Sacks for Special Needs in over 15 different districts in our state!

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