Project PEACE Program – FAQ’s

  • What is Project PEACE Program’s Mission Statement?

 Providing resources for the safety and social-emotional well-being of all children regardless of zip code.

  • What age group of children receives support?

Project PEACE Program is committed to providing resources for all ages of children from birth to 18 years of age (21 years of age for children with Special Needs transitioning into the community).

  • Can anyone use your services more than once?

Project PEACE Program is committed to providing resources to entities in need multiple times.  Our ultimate goal is to partner with neighboring religious institutions, local businesses, and thriving schools within that district to begin to fundraise and provide these resources so that ultimately the community is sustaining itself.

  • Can I donate used items?

We are happy to accept gently used items to pay forward to families or schools in need.  Books, puzzles, games (with all pieces), toys, stuffed animals, and clothing are all welcome.

  • How does Project PEACE identify someone in need?

Several of our board members are retired educators, a current educator, licensed therapist, and /or connected to many community-based operations. We communicate often with Title One Schools, rural schools, and “High Promise Communities.”  We also welcome referrals.

  • How can I help Project PEACE Program?

We are grateful for any of the above-mentioned items to be paid forward from your homes and homes of friends and neighbors.  We need volunteers to pick up and deliver items and volunteers for special events.  We accept monetary donations through our Pay Pal website link and checks.  We would also appreciate schools and other programs (Scouts, After-School Programs, etc.) to hold fundraisers on behalf of Project PEACE Program to be paid forward to a school in need in their own community.

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